Global Future Model Setting

The basic structure of the model is affected by the assumptions made . The table below list some of the parameter used with their default values. You can experiment by setting new start values for stock variables and explore their effect on the development of the model variables. Do not be afraid of loosing the default setting, it will turn up again each time the model is restarted.

As a start you may accept the default values. The parameter setting represents a moderate policy for sustainable development. When you have studied the results and acquainted yourself with the working of the model, you can start modifying the model assumptions for the political parameters and investigate the possibility for obtaining a more wanted development and for which price! In the section Experiments you can get a flying start for your exploration.

Entity Name Value
p1 Investment proportion.
p2 Land cultivation proportion.
p3 Renewable energy development proportion.
p4 Adjustment of energy production.

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