Introduction to Global future

When reviewing the news about the changing climate, population growth, pollution and living conditions, you watch projections based on assumptions about the extension of historic structure and trends into the future. The conditions discussed frequently interact in a complex pattern which can easily be forgotten.

Global future is a simulation tool for global development limited to a few major factors. Its purpose is not to give any precise forecasts, but to introduce you to the complexity of the subject and give you an opportunity to play with your own assumptions.

The underlying model implies a basic structure you can read more about it by clicking Model option at the bottom of this page. There is also a section Experiments in which a couple of examples of pre-designed runs of the model are discussed.

If you are really impatient and want to start exploring the model at once, click the Run option which will present the future based on the default assumptions. You can change starting values and policy allocation assumptions.


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