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MacroEconomic Calculator for Norway

The MacroEconomic Calculator is a tool for computing the required production in 60 production and service sectors for hypothetical composition of final use of products and services in the Norwegian economy. The final use includes consumption, capital formation, changes in valueables and inventories, and exports. The consequences of a general economic trend such as increased demand for Norwegian products and services, or new political aims such as expanding the delivery of final products and services from certain sectors, can be evaluated. Such changes can have implications far outside the sector supplying the demanded products/services because of the interdependence among all production and service sectors within the economy. The status and computed data are expressed in million 2011 Norwegian Kroner.

As all tools of this kind, the MacroEconomic Calculator is based on an economic model in which simplifications of the real economic world are assumed. The results computed by the calculator should therefore never be regarded as precise predictions, but rather as possible overall economic consequences of changes studied.

The numerical implementation of the model is based on National Accounts Statistics for 2011 from Statistics Norway. If more information is wanted about the app, the model and the statistics on which the calculator is based, click Information. Extensive statistics about the Norwegion economy are available from Statistics Norway.

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