MacroEconomic Calculator

The form below reflects the economic status of Norway in 2011 with respect to the total production of products and services of 60 sectors. Parts of the production are used for preparing other products and services, the remains are final supply. A separate column displays how much of the total production from each sector was supplied for final use in 2011.

The final supply goes to private consumption, investments, inventories, exports etc. The explanation of negative final supply values is usually a reduction of inventories. The purpose of the calculator is to estimate the consequenses from hypothetical changes in final supply.

The final use can be changed to any hypothetical composition wanted to be analyzed. An exception is sector R69_70 the final use of which cannot be changed in this version. The calculator will compute required consequenses for total production , employment compensation and imports for each 60 sectors specified.

For more information about the computational procedure, click Information.

Sector Name Total
R01 Products of agriculture, hunting and related service 41052 -180
R02 Products of forestry, logging and related services 7786 -596
R03 Fish and other fishing products; aquaculture products; support services to fishing 51713 24986
RB Mining and quarrying 812386 667580
R10_12 Food products, beverages and tobacco products 188879 119127
R13_15 Textiles, wearing apparel and leather products 33968 19347
R16 Wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; articles of straw and plaiting materials 35636 -215
R17 Paper and paper products 24528 9914
R18 Printing and recording services 10693 -361
R21 Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations 233246 126525
R22 Rubber and plastics products 25679 3935
R23 Other non-metallic mineral products 34382 4372
R24 Basic metals 115320 60813
R25 Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment 65530 2232
R26 Computer, electronic and optical products 65787 34220
R27 Electrical equipment 42125 13619
R28 Machinery and equipment n.e.c. 119954 53335
R29 Motor vehichles, trailers and semi-trailers 56665 44885
R30 Other transport equipment 96087 70206
R31_32 Furniture; other mannufactured goods 36136 11507
R33 Repair and installation services of machinery and equipment 44549 7124
RD Electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning 77514 33749
R36 Natural water, water treatment and supply services 5884 4145
R37_39 Sewerage; waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery; remediation activities and other waste management services 37759 9677
RF Constructions and construction works 377363 235903
R45 Wholesale and retail trade and repair services of motor vechiles and motorcycles 64495 49373
R46 Wholesale trade services, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles 176312 88695
R47 Retail trade services, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles 131017 66169
R49 Land transport services and transport services via pipelines 89750 49925
R50 Water transport services 121038 95316
R51 Air transport services 39680 19502
R52 Warehousing and support services for transportation 119249 33559
R53 Postal and courier services 17091 6526
RI Accommodation and food services 156181 120377
R58 Publishing services 46324 6955
R59_60 Motion picture, video and television programme production services, sound recording and music publishing; programming and broadcasting services 22152 10094
R61 Telecommunications seervices 70201 31176
R62_63 Computer programming, consultancy and related services; information services 80213 40000
R64 Financial services, except insurance and pension funnding 115963 42321
R65 Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding, except compulsary social security 29437 19229
R66 Services auxiliary to financial services and insurance services 20896 1517
R68B Real estate services (excluding imputed rents) 135176 43208
R69_70 Legal and accounting services; services of head offices; management consulting services 76602 37637
R71 Arcitectural and engineering services; technical testing and analysis services 105528 73952
R72 Scientific research and development services 13698 9680
R73 Advertising and market research services 24478 2769
R74_75 Other professional, scientific and technical services; veterinary services 20851 9938
R77 Rental and leasing services 45025 9380
R78 Employment services 31643 9187
R79 Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation services and related services 17108 15515
R80_82 Security and investigation services; services to buildings and landscape; office administrative, office support and other business support services 57179 6385
R84 Public administration and defence services; compulsory social security services 227201 206570
RP Education services 139368 133700
R86 Human health services 145671 144257
R87_88 Social work services 161742 159961
R90_92 Creative, art and entertainment services; library, archive, museum and other cultural services; gambling and betting services 28931 27139
R93 Sporting services and amusement and recreation services 17512 13809
R94 Services furnished by memberhsip organisations 25491 17899
R95 Repair services of computers and personal and household goods 1856 442
R96 Other personal services 14849 11663