Nordic Region Facts

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Nordic Region Facts is a collection of easy accessible graphs displaying major facts about the Nordic region and its components.

The Nordic region includes 5 countries:

* Denmark,
* Finland,
* Iceland,
* Norway,
* Sweden

and 3 autonomous areas:

* Faroe Islands,
* Greenland and
* Åland.

Clicking the names will link you to the official statistical organizations of the respective countries/areas. (This action will end your connection to this app, and you will have to click the app icon to reenter the app.)

Nordic Region Facts provide socio-economic facts presented in diagrams for the Nordic region. The diagrams are based on statistics as available in 2013 and published by the statistical authorities of the countries/areas listed above, and by:

* Nordic Council of Ministers ,
* OECD ,
* UN Statistical Division.

For detailed and the most up-to-date statistical data, use the links referred to above. To access the statistical diagrams, please click