Introduction to Global future laboratory

When considering news about the changing climate, population growth, pollution and living conditions, you work with projections based on assumptions about extending historic structure into the future. The factors discussed frequently interact in a complex pattern.

Global Future laboratory is a simulation tool the purpose of which is to take the complicity into account. It is not aiming to give precise forecasts, but to introduce you to the complexity of the subject and give you an opportunity to play with your own assumptions. By means of the model you can explore your own hypotheses about interrelationships and required actions. It is built on the same basic assumptions as Global Future Introduction, but contains more variables and equations, represents a more realistic picture of reality and invites you to explore your personal assumptions in detail.

The underlying model implies a basic structure you can read more about by clicking Model. There is also a text section Exploration including predesigned experiments discussing alternative assumptions made and results computed.

If you are impatient and want to explore the functionality of the model at once, click Setting menu in which you can select Default settings and start the model computation. This option will present the future based on the default assumptions which can be accepted or modified. Do not be afraid to make changes. The model is robust and you cannot do any damage to the system. You can always clear the current settings of the system, return to the default setting by selecting the option Return to the introduction and default settings (this page) and start again.

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